Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness involving increased awareness and responsiveness to ideas allowing us to change and remove old habits, and replace them with positive suggestions.

Incredible things can be accomplished through hypnosis. The hypnotic state is very natural and occurs commonly. We are hypnotized on a daily basis by many things, commercials, billboards, friends talking etc.  Who hasn’t absent mindedly driven past an exit, or stepped off an elevator on the wrong floor, only to be disoriented for a few moments?  These are all examples of Hypnosis.

Bob Faith, is not only a great entertainer but a caring hypnotherapist dedicated to provide the therapy you need.  In addition to comedic stage performances, Bob is a certified master hypnotherapist who assists patients with a wide variety of issues (the most popular being anxiety, smoking and weight loss) at his hypnotherapy practice in Mesa, Arizona.  Bob is also a registered nurse, specializing in critical care.

So, what happens during your first visit with Bob Faith?

Bob will ask you about your medical history and why you’re seeking his help. He will explain to you what hypnosis is and how it works, then take you through relaxation techniques, using a series of mental images and suggestions to change behaviors and relieve symptoms. An excellent example is a person who has panic attacks may be given the suggestion that, in the future, they will be able to relax whenever they want.  You and Bob will develop a rapport and trust so that you are completely comfortable with the process—this will also garner more positive change for your situation.

How many sessions will it take?

Hypnotherapy is generally considered to be a fairly short-term approach in which beneficial change should become apparent within a relatively few sessions. Positive change from sessions will be the true barometer to determine the length of treatment. Your inner resources, coupled with Bob’s expertise, work in tandem to affect beneficial change.

What illnesses or conditions respond well to hypnosis?

Hypnosis is bigger than most people comprehend. It’s used in a variety of settings — from hospital emergency rooms  to dental offices to major sports teams. Clinical studies indicate that hypnosis can improve immune function, increase relaxation, decrease stress and lessen pain as well as anxiety. The inherent healing capacity of your own body can be stimulated by hypnotherapy too.

Bob can teach you self-regulation skills, such as  learning to turn down pain like the volume on a radio.

The most common complaints that bring patients to Bob are: stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcoholism), disrupted sleep patterns, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public speaking, allergies and skin disorders, migraine headaches and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Hypnosis is especially helpful for athletic and artistic performance enhancement as well as promoting personal development and unlocking inner potential.

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